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This farmhouse, steeped in tradition, was already well-known in 1278 as “Dornhof”, the proprietor being Frederici Dorn. The name it carries today goes back to the proprietor Josef Anton Schloterpöck, who in 1777 became known as “Kandler”, meaning “pewterer”.

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In 1793, the farm estate was bought by Johan Spornberger. Gregor Spornberger began bottling wines for the first time in the farm’s history at the end of the 1960s. Gregor Spornberger was a pioneer in many ways, regarding mechanical as well as practical innovations. He worked hard to turn the farm into what it is today. His son Martin Spornberger, wife Irene and their son Hannes are currently  running the farm. This estate has has remained the Spornberger family’s estate for 200 years now, hence it was endowed with the title of “Erbhof” –  “Ancestral Estate”, by the province of South Tyrol.


Historical entries for the farm:

1793 Johann Spornberger, “Kandler“ (pewterer) or  “Dornhöfl”

1777 Josef Anton Schloterpöck, a pewterer and townsman of Bozen, owned  the Dornhöfl on Prazöll – then assigned to the Prince-Bishopric Brixen with  9 3/4 yhrn (unit used in South Tyrol during the Middle Ages) of must, church taxes of 15 crowns.

1620 Peter Rainer

1600 Hanns Dorn

1486 Jorig Dornacher

1366 Chunradi dti Dorn de Placzedel

1320 Ludwicus de Placedelle

1301 Jechelino dto Dorn

1278 Frederici Dorn





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